Due to Nigeria bad road, rough driving and unpredictable traffic congestion, there is more possibility of having road mishap or road traffic accident, in case, such occur, what are the essential dos and don’ts expected of you before getting full medical attention.

Possible causes of RTA

Negligence – This can range from mobile phone use, eating or drinking, changing music in the car, to alcohol or drug consumption while driving.

Weather conditions – Road accidents can occur in many instances due to adverse weather conditions such as snow, rainy weather, and icy roads.

Recklessness – Driving with no concern for traffic signs is another major cause of road accidents. Speeding too can be termed as recklessness and distractions in or outside of the car can also lead to road mishaps.

Poor road maintenance – Poor roads are another leading cause of road accidents. Construction, poor road signs, and potholes are examples of poor road maintenance.

Car malfunction – Cars will in most cases have a system failure system where one of the devices may have stopped functioning. Common equipment that may fail in the car includes the brakes, poor road tyre traction and steering wheel malfunction.

Common injuries RTA

The severity and fatality of RTA cannot be predictable and sometimes, the accident might be breathtaking, either way, it happens to be, medically, there are RTA are groups on the severity of the accident.

  1. Injury of soft tissue
  2. Scraped and cuts
  3. Head injury
  4. Fracture
  5. Deep cut
  6. Chest injury
  7. Arms and legs injury
  8. Twisting at the ligament
  9. Dislocation of bones, dislocation of cerebral bones is very fatal.
  10. Shock, this can be devasting in a hypertensive patient
  11. Internal bleeding, this is fatal and life-threatening

What to do during RTA

Depending on the complication and the degree of injury sustained, if it is minor that allows coordination, you are advised to do the following

  1. Snap the scene
  2. Inform the nearest police post
  3. Get your family informed
  4. Get your essentials documents from the car, including your phone, insurance book, banking information, etc.
  5. Avoid unnecessary confrontation
  6. Seek immediate medical care

How to avoid RTA

Accidents are bound to happen, meanwhile, the fatality can not be guessed, therefore, it is medically sound and fit, to advice that, you toe the path of prevention or avoidable. Few of the many prevention approaches are listed below:

  1. Shun distraction when is it matter such as answering call, replying chat, or SMS.
  2. Avoid getting intoxicated wither by alcohol or any dry gins drink before driving
  3. Believe you are the only sane driver
  4. Consider other road users such as cyclist and pedestrians
  5. Never allow underage (2-7 years) to use the front seat when driving
  6. Disband other things that can share your focus such as TV or mobile videos
  7. If need be that you are to reply to a message, endeavour to find a better place and pack

Do we care?

Obviously yes, we do, no matter the level of the severity of RTA, a wounded part of the body can never regain its natural posture and perhaps, physiology. Hence, we strongly canvass for good adherence to road user guidelines. Your family counts on you and you mean a lot to your family. Avoid recklessness when driving.

However, if there is RTA, Adebayo Living Tower Hospital helps in delivering qualitative and quantitative health care, we assiduously work to save life within the ambit of medical practices. You can have our number on the contact page in case, there is an emergency (or unusual) needs to see us.