Our Vision at L. T. M. S

At Living Tower Medical Services, our vision is to “make qualitative healthcare available, accessible, and affordable to everyone”.

Brief History 

Living Tower Medical Services is a fully functional healthcare provider in Badagry, Lagos State, NG. Under it are 3rd Eye Diagnostic Center (established in 2016), and Adebayo Living Tower Hospital (established in 2005).

Since 2005, we have been serving the people of Badagry by delivering qualitative healthcare services at affordable rate. We are one of the pioneer hospitals in Badagry that encourage people to visit the hospitals for regular checkup and treatment. We make this posible by reducing the cost of treatment by 70%, and providing 24/7 medical services.

  • Popularity 80% 80%
  • Professionalism 97% 97%
  • Facilities 70% 70%
  • Environmental Hygiene 85% 85%